Weekly reading 30.09.2019 – 6.09.2019

Be patient. Go within. Trust your intuition.

All three cards are pentacles.

Page pentacles- new idea; scholarship; careful young person.

6 pentacles – generosity and shared success

3 pentacles – mastery of skill in business or art.

As obvious we have the material world on one hand and the spiritual on the other hand. My interpretation of the cards is that there will be balance between material things and spirituality this week. We will enjoy the benefits of both worlds without being engaged in on of them more than in the other. Moreover, all the cards for the week have positive meaning. I am excited to see how they manifest this week.

Let me draw another card from the Angel therapy deck.

Completeness – synchronise your actions so that they match your values and inner feeling about what is in the best of your interest.

Galaxy Tarot App

The app has a free as well as a paid version. After using it for a while I paid for the full version because apart from working with more spreads there are other valuable features, too. The one I like the most it the one that extracts the patterns from the cards. I will post photos for clarity. Another feature is keeping a journal of all your readings. Here is my past-present-future reading with two cards from the major arcana, wow.