Weekly reading 30.09.2019 – 6.09.2019

Be patient. Go within. Trust your intuition.

All three cards are pentacles.

Page pentacles- new idea; scholarship; careful young person.

6 pentacles – generosity and shared success

3 pentacles – mastery of skill in business or art.

As obvious we have the material world on one hand and the spiritual on the other hand. My interpretation of the cards is that there will be balance between material things and spirituality this week. We will enjoy the benefits of both worlds without being engaged in on of them more than in the other. Moreover, all the cards for the week have positive meaning. I am excited to see how they manifest this week.

Let me draw another card from the Angel therapy deck.

Completeness – synchronise your actions so that they match your values and inner feeling about what is in the best of your interest.

Galaxy Tarot App

The app has a free as well as a paid version. After using it for a while I paid for the full version because apart from working with more spreads there are other valuable features, too. The one I like the most it the one that extracts the patterns from the cards. I will post photos for clarity. Another feature is keeping a journal of all your readings. Here is my past-present-future reading with two cards from the major arcana, wow.

Reading for September 2019

I was so excited to start my blog with the coming week starting with 9.9.2019 that I forgot to give a monthly reading first. Now I will do it in this post. Here are the cards.

From the Guardian Angel Tarot Deck a card from the major arcana pop out – Intuition and Insight. This was very interesting card for me as I am just getting started with this blog and it reinsurance the thoughts I have about my intuition getting stronger. The second card I pull out is from the minor arcana – Seven of Action. In short, it is a reminder to believe in your personal power and stand your ground and say no when it is necessary. And it is more of an inner conflict than having a conflict with others.

I also did a reading with other tarot cards for September 2019.

The major arcana card – The Temperance pop out by itself. It is a fortunate card that is about moderation and patience, a harmony between material and spiritual things. I pray for this balance for me and you who read this post as the second card which is from the minor arcana is more about daydreaming, wishful thinking and little achievement.

In general, the cards are positive and I am looking forward to a month full of joy and accomplishments.

Have a nice September!

Angel and tarot reading – 9.9.2019 to 15.09.2019

Magical week. The working week starts with 9.9.2019 and ends with 13.09.2019 (if you believe in superstition).

I pull out or more precisely two cards pop out of the Guardian Angel Tarot deck for that week. See the cards and their message on the picture.

9.9.2019 untill 15.9.2019

The first card in pink is a minor arcana that looks more into small issues in life. The second card in green is from the major arcana and it deals with bigger issues. I pay special attention to the major arcana as it makes me aware of the big things, the big picture. Believe it or not I was determined to pull out one card of the major arcana for this week as it seems special week to me. I was about to draw cards untill I came upon a major arcana card but it pop out by itself as the second card. So, I didn’t give it many trys.

With the tarot deck only one try was enough to have a major arcana card for the coming week in front of me. I accepted is as a confirmation for the importance and the energy that the coming week brings. And the one tarot card of the major arcana is The Wheel of Fortune – the card is about unexpected good fortune, about complition or solution, about change and advancement. In a spread this cars may refer to a negative outcome if the surrounding cards are not favourable. But I will try to focus on the positive meanings as it is a single card reading.

And an interesting remark about The Wheel of Fortune. Once I paid to a clairvoyant for tarot reading and among other things he told me to print The Wheel of Fortune and hold it in my purse. Although, he didn’t explain why I had an interpretation of my own. Life is like the wheel – sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. You should not forget that both stages exist and they constantly change. Nothing will be forever bad, nothing will stay forever good, without trouble. But let me stop here and give you the photo of the card.

The caption on the card is in Bulgarian. Whenever I need to translate the card I will do it.

The Wheel of Fortune